DevOps Engineer & Full-Stack Web Developer

I enjoy drinking coffee, solving analog and digital problems, and learning about new technologies, multimedia, and modern digital solutions.



PHP - Apache / NginX

MySQL - PostgreSQL - Redis

HAProxy - RabbitMQ - Varnish

Docker Swarm - CI / CD - TDD

Networking - Domains - Email - Hosting

As a freelancer, full-time employee, or outsourced co-worker I have worked on more than 500 web pages, stores, and other web applications since 2006.

During this time I’ve learned a lot about frontend, backend, and web infrastructure. On the backend, I have mostly used PHP on top of Laravel, Symfony, and Pckg frameworks. With planning, designing end development of user interfaces with HTML, CSS, JS, and other web technologies. I am working in a VueJS ecosystem including VueRouter, VueX, Webpack, Yarn, and related tools.

I am capable of installing, configuring, and managing MySQL in numerous modes, HAProxy server for load-balancing, SSL-offloading, and more, Apache for serving dynamic requests,NginX for serving static files, RabbitMQ as a queue database and a message broker, Redis, and Varnish for caching data on the backend and frontend. Whether they are deployed on a bare-metal, cloud, or container infrastructure. I have experience with Docker Swarm environment, SSL certificates, MySQL replication, email processes, and process automation.

Among other things I have also integrated multiple payment gateways or providers, have deep knowledge of how networks and DNS work, know some things about hardware and software in Linux and Microsoft environments. I have some experience with TDD and automated testing with Codeception, Selenium, and PhantomJS, and usage of Circle CI, Bitbucket Pipelines, Github Runners, Travis, and Jenkins CI / CD tools. I would definitely like to upgrade my knowledge in the mentioned fields.

Despite the wide range of technologies mentioned above, Irarely used AWS, WordPress or Magento, and almost never Shopify store or iOS. I am a quick learner, not having problems with learning about new processes and technologies.


Software Developer @ Shopware AG
Nov 2022 - now

Full-remote full-stack position where I am improving how developers experience e-commerce.

Developer @ Whitespark
Nov 2019 - July 2022

Full-remote full-stack position where I was developing awesome public facing and in-house tools to automate time consuming processes.

Lead Developer @ GNP d.o.o.
May 2016 - 2021

At my position at GNP d.o.o., I played an important part in our small team. We have developed an all-in-one solution for businesses to present themselves online using our do-it-yourself page builder, manage their online store, and communicate with customers -

I was responsible for all the technology and infrastructure decisions and choices, planning, optimization, and execution of processes, as well as for the development of the backend, frontend, and administration parts.

With that written, my work usually also included standard tasks:
- documentation and automatization of other processes,
- scaling, load-balancing, and replication of services for high-availability and other purposes,
- infrastructure management and supervision,
- giving support to local and worldwide clients,
- mentorship and code review.

Web Developer @ spletnaPOSTAJA d.o.o.
Feb 2014 - May 2016

I have found my first full-time employment as a web developer at medium-sized web agency company spletnaPOSTAJA d.o.o. where I have immediately taken over maintenance and development of three larger online stores for an important foreign client. My work consisted out of working on an existing Symfony 1.0 codebase, new module development based on project documentation, implementation of payment providers, and other APIs.

Later I have actively cooperated on backend and frontend development on many of other projects, mostly websites, stores, and applications, as well as upgrading in-house CMS and CRM. The company gave me a good view of the e-commerce industry in Slovenia and Europe. Some of my projects were also awarded the Netko awards.

I have also worked on:
- maintenance and upgrades of new and existing modules,
- usage and upgrades of an in-house Booster CMS and CRM,
- servers and services management,
- customer support,
- management of a cpanel hosting and
- maintenance of the internal infrastructure.

DevOps @ Freelancer
2006 - 2022

In the beginning, I have - besides learning about hardware and software – worked on small tasks as .psd to HTML and CSS design transformations, development of small websites, and making changes to existing projects. At that time jQuery did not exist yet, layouts were made with the tables, and servers were running on PHP v4.

I have followed the technology, and soon started working on more complex projects, online stores, and continued with internet co-creation. Among other things, I have made dozens of PHP packages and standalone applications, all available on Github.


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